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Ceiling fan in motion

Expert Electrical Device Installation in Philadelphia

Is it time to update your lighting, thermostat, or ceiling fan?

Liberties Handyman Services can perform a wide range of electrical repairs to ensure your home is running smoothly and safely.

Pendant or Recessed Light Replacement

Replace Lighting

This can include replacing light fixtures, from practical outdoor lighting and recess lighting to trendy boob light replacements. Ceiling lights that are semi flush mounts to a pendant kitchen light. There are always lighting alternatives to explore.

Newly installed smart thermostat

Smart Devices

We can help you with your smart device needs, such as Alexa tracker devices, Google Nest, or the Kasa light switch. I am sure you received an echo dot from a family member and it is on your shopping list of things to do.


Looking to upgrade your thermostat, let us replace it. We work with top models like the Honeywell thermostat and as well as the latest smart thermostats that can be controlled through voice commands. So, Let us integrate them into your smart home.

Fix a Light

Switches | Outlets

When it comes to outlets and switches, we can manage tasks ranging from replacing an old outlet that's lost power to replacing a toggle switch with a new wifi light switch or motion sensor switch. 

Ceiling Fan Replacement

Replace Ceiling Fan

Even the installation of more significant fixtures like ceiling fans or smoke detectors in rooms with existing ceiling fans falls within our expertise. 

Liberties Handyman Services adheres to the local regulations and laws of Philadelphia, so if there is any electrical work we are not qualified to perform, we will reach out to a partnering electrician so the necessary permits can be obtained.

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